Sunday, October 16, 2011

What is KIZOMBA??????

Kizomba is one of the most popular genres of dance and music created in Angola. Derived directly from Zouk music, sung generally in Portuguese, it is a genre of music with a romantic flow mixed with African rhythm. The kizomba dancing style is also known to be very sensual.

When hearing the traditional music as Semba and Zouk, the younger generations of Angola felt that something was missing - a modern and sensual touch. The result was the composition of a slower and very sensual pace with electronic percussion: Kizomba as we know it today. Explosive and spectacular, Kizomba conquered the world as a sound that stays in the ear and as a dance that seduces your soul. In Recent times the style got slightly slower and more romantic and the influence of other dance styles like Tango are clearly visible.

Existing since the 80s, Kizomba is a dance that has won the heart of many couples dancing in clubs and discos around the world. Kizomba is very popular in many countries such as Portugal, Cape Verde, Spain, England, France, Germany, Holland, Serbia, Brazil, USA, Australia and is spreading fast all around the world.

There are three ways to dance Kizomba: "Passada" (classic style), "tarraxinha" and "quadradinha”. Ideally danced in pairs, Kizomba is an extremely close dance. Kizomba provides great complicity between man and woman, danced very close, with slow and sensual movements, where leading and being led finds a new dimension.


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